Pet Care

Organic & Natural Pet Care

Special organic extracts for unique & efficient pet care products
As natural as possible!

PetsPure Shampoo&Conditioner has as many natural ingredients as possible, in convenient but environmentally friendly packaging.

Our attractive dog care range helps to realize the wishes of dog owners, that is, we help them to give their pets extremely gentle skin and care for their fur, without compromising the product’s effectiveness.

Our mild foaming shampoos are formulated without any parabens or synthetic dyestuffs. All products contain only a small percentage of perfume (less than 0.7 %) to minimize the risk of any allergic reactions. Special organic extracts, designed to be used for particular fur types, and additional ingredients make our pet care products unique and efficient!

Organic & Natural Pet Care

– Shampoo&Conditioner – mixed fur type-1.000 ml
– Shampoo&Conditioner – blond fur type-1.000 ml
– Shampoo&Conditioner – dark fur type-1.000 ml

Coming soon:

– Turbo-Cleaning-foam – all fur types – 250 ml
– Shine spray with added protection – all fur types – 250 ml

Tested first by humans – not tested on animals