For Dogs

Organic Dog foods in crunchy kibbles and gourmet pate

PetsPure dog food consists pure, no factory-farmed meat, finest vegetables, herbs and minerals, no use of pesticides, no genetically modified organisms, no chemical preservatives, colouring agents and aroma’s, in strictly controlled and certified 100% organic quality.

The selection of top-quality ingredients and the careful processing are ideal prerequisites for the strength, vitality and long life of your dog.

We use high quality proteins like chicken or turkey as the main ingredient.  The paté is available in 3 flavours: lamb, poultry and beef, with at least 72 % meat.

Organic Dog Foods:

– Organic paté in 150 g & 300 g in 3 variations: lam, beef & poultry
– Organic Dry Food- Adult, Puppy & Senior – 1 kg, 4 kg & 12,5 kg

100% Taste – 100% Organic – 100% Vitality.